Don’t forget to protect the outside of your home in winter!

Your beautiful home and vehicles need protecting before the winter weather arrives.  Check out how you can be prepared so you might avoid a winter emergency.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts before cold weather arrives to prevent ice from forming in them.
  • Spray an ice repellent solution on steps and walks before freezing weather arrives
  • Check antifreeze levels in cars. Add if needed, then run the engine to circulate the new antifreeze through the radiator and engine block.
  • Add freeze resistant windshield wiper fluid, and spay to circulate it in lines.
  • Check air pressure in tires, since cold weather causes the pressure to lower.
  • Bring in container plants, add mulch around plants, and cover plants that are prone to frost damage. Remove covering when temperatures warm above freezing.
  • Drain birdbaths and fountains – concrete can crack.
  • Gently sweep snow off plants and shrubs in an upward motion with a broom.
  • Use rock salt, sand, or clay based kitty litter on walks and drives (NOTE: Salt can damage grass and other plants, so use carefully.)
  • Don’t overdo it when using a snow shovel.  Don’t hurt yourself!
  • Stay off your roof during freezing weather, but once the ice and snow have melted, inspect your roof for any damage

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