How to save on new construction costs

Cost estimating for your house plan is an inexact science and actually more of a “liberal art.” It involves balancing quality with affordability, and there will be inevitable trade-offs depending on the level of  finish and detailing you require.  Morton Construction can help you choose the best options for your family.
1House Shape Is Key
Complex geometries such as angles, bump-outs, irregular shapes, and curves are more expensive to build. Simpler shapes, rectilinear forms, and shapes with fewer angles. 
2. Size Building
A smaller house generally saves money. BUT, there is an economy of scale in building a larger house: typically the kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms, so an extra bedroom can be inexpensive square footage. In some cases, building up as opposed to out can also save money!
3. Plumbing Placement Affects Cost
Plumbing can be “stacked” to save money — example, bathrooms that sit over one another.  Plumbing for the kitchen and bathrooms can also be placed back-to-back or adjacent to one another for additional savings.
4Roofs Rule
Simpler roof forms save money and trouble. Roofs with lots of hips, valleys, and ridges require more flashing and water-proofing, and more material and labor. More complex roofs have a greater chance of leaking because of the transitions at ridges, hips, and valleys.
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